Merry “Math”-a-mas

Christmas is ALMOST here!

This is a time of year where I THRIVE! I live for the positive”ness” everywhere and cannot help but smile EVERYDAY, of EVERY hour, of EVERY minute! (I like “Happy”)

During the Holidays, there is SO much going on in the classroom, that I  want to stop and (sleep) freeze time, just to catch up! A teacher’s brain never sleeps and there is ALWAYS more you can do! If you cannot find anything you have to do, then it is time to REDO the old stuff to get more QUALITY work! And so on and so on….

When you think about it, December is one of the most BUSIEST times of the year! These poor kids are having to cram so much knowledge, dates, lists, etc. into their brains and lives. But, THEY DO IT! They do it so well, year after year.  In just one week  in December, there are: tests, Christmas parties, Reward parties, School Assemblies, Singing Carols, Writing Letters, More tests, Homework, sports events, Pageants, Substitute Teacher, Christmas Programs, and more and more and more tests! (Oh, did I mention they might have a few tests to finish up units in Reading, English, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language, Health, Computers, Gifted, and MORE)

Where is the break? Where is the catch up day? Where is the COFFEE??!!!!

Christmas Busy

So, this is where C.S.I. Math comes in and saves the day!

I use these as a WAY OF LIFE! I use this when I need a catch up day; substitute teacher day; reward day; work day; Extra Credit day; Spiral Review Day. The list goes on and on! The students love the Challenge of CLUE! This spiral review gives more quality, rather than Quantity work. There are less, more enhanced problems to help solve a bigger equation, “WHO DID IT?” Students can use these as individual work, partner or groups. Each problem has a “reward” by giving out a clue to help solve the crime.

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