Merry “Math”-a-mas

Christmas is ALMOST here!

This is a time of year where I THRIVE! I live for the positive”ness” everywhere and cannot help but smile EVERYDAY, of EVERY hour, of EVERY minute! (I like “Happy”)

During the Holidays, there is SO much going on in the classroom, that I  want to stop and (sleep) freeze time, just to catch up! A teacher’s brain never sleeps and there is ALWAYS more you can do! If you cannot find anything you have to do, then it is time to REDO the old stuff to get more QUALITY work! And so on and so on….

When you think about it, December is one of the most BUSIEST times of the year! These poor kids are having to cram so much knowledge, dates, lists, etc. into their brains and lives. But, THEY DO IT! They do it so well, year after year.  In just one week  in December, there are: tests, Christmas parties, Reward parties, School Assemblies, Singing Carols, Writing Letters, More tests, Homework, sports events, Pageants, Substitute Teacher, Christmas Programs, and more and more and more tests! (Oh, did I mention they might have a few tests to finish up units in Reading, English, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language, Health, Computers, Gifted, and MORE)

Where is the break? Where is the catch up day? Where is the COFFEE??!!!!

Christmas Busy

So, this is where C.S.I. Math comes in and saves the day!

I use these as a WAY OF LIFE! I use this when I need a catch up day; substitute teacher day; reward day; work day; Extra Credit day; Spiral Review Day. The list goes on and on! The students love the Challenge of CLUE! This spiral review gives more quality, rather than Quantity work. There are less, more enhanced problems to help solve a bigger equation, “WHO DID IT?” Students can use these as individual work, partner or groups. Each problem has a “reward” by giving out a clue to help solve the crime.

1f31819510b705328282978e19083e3aIf you have not tried C.S. I. Math in your classroom yet, you NEED to! Your students will thank you later! If you are still on the fence, subscribe to my NEWSLETTER , and receive your FREE C.S.I. Math activity to try today!

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Everything Starts from Something

Finally, Finally, Finally! I have it! I have leaped into the world of the unknown (for me) and I have started a BLOG! Where do I start?? This is all so new to me, and I am going-with-the-punches and working harder than ever before. So, again, where do I start??

Math!! I love math! I love Challenges! I love my Kids! I love Math! I love Soccer! I love Math! I love my “Prince Charming”! I love Math! ….Did I mention, “I love math”?


So, that’s where I am starting. I am starting this blog to show my fellow teachers fun, innovative ways to INSPIRE your students (realistically, probably only a few people will see this post this month, if I am lucky), show how I got “here”, and the tips along the way. This journey has started so fast from the beginning and I feel as though I am barely keeping my head above water. But, it all started with MATH. I was a 6th grade Middle School Math TEACHER! I hold that title HIGH! I love(d) my job very much! I began creating resources to help engage my students in the classroom! I love seeing the look in a child’s face after they get a problem right, (and they have worked so hard on it)! That feeling of self-worth and accomplishment! That right there is why I love what I do! It made me so proud, and so worth-while when a parent tells you, “My child never loved math until you!” BOOM!! Right there!!

That, my friends is my whole goal and purpose! To create and invest into a passion of the unknown! MATH IS THE UNKNOWN! People are too scared to enter the world of math, because of all the mistakes you will make (and you WILL make mistakes)…but that feeling of getting it right (and you WILL get them right) is far more powerful and assuring than ALL of the mistakes combined!

I tell my student’s, “My goal for you is NOT to get an “A” (That would be great! But, what does that matter in life?) But, my goal is for you to LOVE the challenge of Math. To find a passion in the UNKNOWN! And that my dear is the TRUE REWARD! To not be scared of ANYTHING!”


So, in my classroom we THINK, and then we THINK HARDER, and then we (take bathroom breaks and eat Lunch), and then we THINK EVEN HARDER! With that in mind, I started creating products in the classroom and resources to help engage students understanding of math, build their passion for numbers of  all kinds, and to use WHOLE BRAIN THINKING as a way of LIFE!

If you are interested in viewing my MATH resources, check out my products in the menu (COMING SOON) or check out my store on Teachers Pay Teachers or just click below.

The Pi Shop

With this blog, I will not only inform you of ideas, resources, collaborators, News feeds, Blogs, Websites, Products, ETC (everything Classroom related) to help you in your WORLD of TEACHING but also travel along side you in this thing called LIFE.

Just as I do on the first day of school to my student’s, I will also inform my followers on the first day of my blog:


I will call it a day after this. I do not want to bore you! But, stay tuned for new Upcoming Resources and Deals! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Newsletter for exclusive must-see products, upcoming deals, and insights on what is happening in the Math World!