About Me


HEELLLOO!! I am so happy you are here! This is very new to me still, so bare with me! I am a “lifter-of-spirits” kind-of-gal and I love positive energy! I have used all of that energy in creating and working on my new journey in life! I was a middle school math teacher for Grade 6 and I am currently a “Work from Home” teacher and owner of The Pi Shop on Teachers Pay Teachers

I work at home teaching online and creating resources to help in the Math Classroom. I am living life to the fullest now, and I couldn’t be happier! I have a love and passion for teaching everything MATH related! It is not only a passion to teach it, but a passion to LIVE it! (How does one “live” math?) Well, everything is a giant graph of DATA in your eyes! (It even takes over your anniversary cards from your husband!)

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But, aside from my passions; my MOST IMPORTANT aspects of living…my family! I have a wonderful husband, Cheuk (pronounced like “Check”). He is the apple of my EYE! He completes me in every way possible and I couldn’t imagine this life without him. And for him, I am grateful!

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Our three wonderful children, Caleb, Ava and Everly. These three are as opposite as can be! They each shine in different, beautiful ways! I love watching them grow (and crying as time fly’s by too fast). God has chosen us to be their parents and live a life full of love and joy! I hope time can stand still so I can cherish every waking moment I can with them for even longer. 


We are a family that loves, laughs, forgives, learns, competes, shares, and has a passion for living! I could not be more proud of the family I have been given! I could not ask for anything more!

Now, with the important information provided, I can tell you about my journey thus far….

I started creating resources in the classroom to help engage my students in math, while creating hands on activities to help fill their void to move around. The Math activities I have created were a HUGE hit in the classroom! Not only did they love them, but they were CHALLENGED! In my classroom, challenges are mandatory; alongside with MISTAKES! They both come hand-in-hand. I love seeing the look in a student’s eye’s after they have completed a problem CORRECTLY after many mistakes and do-over. That is why I not only TEACH but try to INSPIRE a love for Math to carry on into their own lives beyond their school years.

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